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Is it easy to publish to my iPad or mobile platform?

it is as easy as 1,2,3. We provide you with EasyPublish, a Web-based screen that enables you with the click of a button to publish to your iPad or mobile, send the story with attached images or video to your editorial desk, or post it to Twitter or FaceBook.

Will I need to register my iPhone or iPad apps on the App Store myself?

With most packages we will register it in your name for a small additional fee in your own account. For the entry-level 'Be There' package we will register it with your own name and branding under the KnowledgeView umbrella account.

Do I need my own server to publish my content to mobile or iPad?

We provide you as part of the package with a totally hosted environment for publishing your content to your mobile devices. We can even pull content from your own Web site if you have full text RSS feeds published on it, to make it easy for you to update your mobile or iPad. Our aim is to make it easy for you to expand to the new vast world of mobile and iPad publishing at the minimum effort and cost.

What are channels?

These are very much like sections of your traditional Web site. You can organize your iPad or mobile content into channels such as: Latest News, My products, Events, Economy News, My Photo Gallery, My Video Gallery, etc. The number of channels available to you varies from 4 for the startup 'Be There' package to 20 or more for the Publish package.

I am intrigued by the support for Twitter, please elaborate?

The EasyPublish tool allows you to publish Twitter hashtags, by deliberately including hashtags as part of the published material so that users tweet those hashtags to discuss your content. This has several advantages:

  1. Makes use of an existing (and very popular) social media platform for adding comments to apps and engaging users
  2. Users can use their existing accounts and tools for commenting on your content (twitter, tweetdeck, etc)
  3. Followers of users who tweet about your content can be invited to engage with your content too – ie., the aim is to draw in new users to engage with your content based on trusted recommendation (on the assumption that to follow someone is to trust or value their opinion)
  4. The social media buzz around your content can be brought back to you and displayed alongside your content, even if that conversation and commentary was not provided via your app
  5. The people who engage with your content still “own” their own comments because they are not held captive in your application or website, they are “mine” as part of my twitter timeline.
  6. The publisher (app owner) uses EasyPublish to create content. As a routine part of that content creation they create some hashtags to associate with each piece of content.
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Exhibitions & Conferences application case study

Covering Conferences, Expos and other major events In real-time, on iPads, smart phones and social networks

KnowledgeView developed Apps for major events in the region in a record time of 2 weeks:

1.The Riyadh Book Fair 2012 6-16 March 2012 by the KSA Ministry of Culture and Information. This exhibition displayed over 450 stands featuring 200 000 books.
2.The QITCOM conference and exhibition 5-7 March 2012 by ictQatar was a piazza where various concurrent events happened simultaneously: The conference, the exhibition, the Innovation Theater, TechZone and FOSI conference (Family Online Safety Institute).

The components of each event were organized in dedicated horizontal sections that we call "channels".
These channels were also divided into sub channels to highlight specific aspects.

Advertisement makes a big part of the event app, giving credit to sponsors and supporters.

Users can always find anything easily by doing a search through the application. And not to forget the settings for user’s customizations!

The advanced search by country, stand number, book title, author name and publisher name leads the visitor to the respective stand and make every visit a seamless shopping experience.

Users can locate the stand they want to visit through an advanced geo-location feature: the exhibition map can be displayed in PDF format or in Autocad smart display pointing at destination of choice.

The apps allowed full interaction with the users. Not only they can share the items on Facebook and Twitter, our app harvests back the tweets related to the tagged items and displays them in a dedicated window. This is what we call the magic of 360 social media communication!

Photos are viewed in full view, while the photo picker and the navigation bar can be hidden/shown when you tap on the screen.

This is not all! Our apps allow surfers to Easy Publish onto the app directly! See the EP icon, it gave access to everyone to share their stories, photos and videos in real time and get them published on the app itself in the relevant channel, on facebook page and on Twitter account, with one click!

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